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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Spent On FaecBook!! - A Facebook Scam

Time spent on Facebook - Scam
Here's another irritating Facebook scam which is fake and also leaves lots of wall posts on your Friend's wall. The application named "Time Spent On FaecBook!!" can be easily identified as a scam from its name which has a spelling mistake. This application actually promises to display the total time which you spent on Facebook but its just random and display high differences when you check more than one time.

Here is what this application does:
1) It posts the message saying I found the "Time spent on Facebook" and displays the time(which is fake).
2) The next thing which is quite surprising is that it shows thousands of likes and comments. If you click on the comments, you can find real people with real comments. Acutally, those comments are same on everyone who uses this application.
3) Apart from posting irritating wall posts and displaying ads, I couldn't find any other harms by it. But it may be trying to extract your profile information or may have other harms which I couldn't discover. So, I request you not to use this application. If you have already remove it by going to Application Settings.

How can we say this is a scam?
1) The title which reads "Time Spent On FaecBook!!" instead of "Time Spent On FaceBook!!" which clearly shows the spelling mistake.

2) When you generate time spent more than 1 time you may find high difference. I found 20 hours in first case then 10 hours in the next. SO, completely fake.


Anonymous said...

Here you can read more informations about the working of the Facebook Time Checker scam that have been picking up steam lately:

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