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Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 SEO tips for your blogger blog

SEO tips for blogsBlogger is a great platform to run your blog. It has already done some SEO works for you but you too must some small changes on your blog layout to make it best optimized for search engines.

1) Use the title hack: The title tag hack is one of the most useful hacks in blogger for SEO.

2) Submit COMPLETE Sitemap to Google and other search engines : Most of us might have submitted the Sitemap to search engine with the feed Its not a complete sitemap as only 24 links are submitted and you neglect older posts. Instead submit a feed the address - You can change 500 to the no. of links you want to be indexed.

3) Use appropriate meta tag : You can use the meta tag for SEO. But don't use same for all your posts. Instead use a modified one using the b:if code which results different meta tags for different pages.

4) Don't give too much importance to label pages: Label pages in blogger blogs are not indexed by search engines as they are blocked by roberts.txt files. So, don't post excessive links to the label pages as they don't receive traffic from search engines.

5) Post images and use ALT tag: Many visitors come to your blog from image searches too. So, add at least one image to each of your posts and use the ALT tag to describe the image.

6) Promote your older posts: Many of us forget about our older posts. Some posts are evergreen and should be promoted always. You can do following to promote old posts.

  • Submit sitemaps as suggested in no.2 above

  • Create a link post which can be an alternative to your labels pages

  • Posts links to your older posts from new posts

  • Make necessary changes to the older posts to revive them

  • 7)Limit external and internal links on your homepage as well as posts : Too much of external as well as internal links on any page of your blog will harm you. Don't link to more than 50 pages from a page even though they link to same blog. Instead you can create a post showing the links as said in 6. Too much of links can be avoided also by using no. 8:

    8)Use rel="nofollow" in link tags : The link codes asks the search engine to index the page you are linking to. So, you promote the page you are linking too and it may harm your blog a bit. Instead use a code for the external links you don't want to promote.

    9)Create Facebook and Twitter pages for your blog: Creating your blog's pages on Facebook and Twitter really helps in many ways.

    10)Don't Spam : Never try to cheat the search engines. Avoid duplicate content and don't use link farms and other twisted ways to get links.


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