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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nepali news websites - a review

A lot of Nepali news websites are emerging on the web. The content, frequency of posting, design and user interface is really improved in most sites. As the no. of internet users in Nepal is growing traffic to these sites are also increasing. On the basis of these I have ranked and reviewed some of the top News Websites from Nepal:

1) : This site is run by mercantile communications and is certainly no.1 news site with great design, high traffic and a lot of special features. It loads fast and the navigating on this site is easy. The news posted are fresh and as fulfills its promise of providing news as it happens. The video section of this site which provides news videos as well as other is really great. Apart from its own news, it also hosts news form papers like Aarpan, Budhabar etc. A lot of ads in the page are really frustating. I couldn't find content in Nepali language which is another negative aspect of this site.

2) : The website of Kantipur publication has recently changed its design and is in beta version. It provides news both in English and Nepali language. Talking about the design, the new layout which is in beta stage is far better than that of older one. Electronic version of newpapers from Kantipur pubication like Kantipur and Kathmandu post are available free of charge. Unlike nepalnews, it has very few ads. But the site is slower and videos are not posted frequently.

3) : This the website of Nepal Republic media which publishes the newspapers Nagarik and Republica. Design is pretty good and content is fresh. I must say that this site is very slow and this must be improved. It takes a long time to load this page. Blogs on various topics are plus points for this. Recent news videos can be found and it also its its youtube channel. Its English version is found on which is a bit different.

4) : This website is run by International Media Network Nepal (Pvt) Ltd which publishes The Himalayan times and Annapurna post - two popular daily newspapers. The website has been relaunched recently and loads fast but has a messy design. The news are fresh but frequency of posting is lower comparison to others. Nepali version is available at but its not worth viewing. It provides RSS feeds for news on different topics which is another plus point. Designing of the page is worst part of this site.

5) : Telegraphnepal is the website of Telegraph weekly. The site loads very fast compared to other. It doesn't have loads of fresh news but has various sections like views, second impression, comment, dosier. Design is OK.

Other details:

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