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Friday, November 13, 2009

Train yourself in football, cricket, tennis or other sports with youtube videos

Australian Olymic coach training Table tennis on youtubeVideos from Youtube are helping us in every works in daily life. If you want to get coaching on your favorite sport, Youtube videos can certainly help you. There are many Youtube channels uploading tons of videos on professional coaching on different sports. I have listed some channels to learn different sports.

Cricket training videos: Cricket is complex game and you need to learn different techniques for bowling, batting and fielding. Thecricketschool is a cricket channel which has uploaded a lot of cricket videos on cricket training. 18 videos are uploaded on this channel for fielding tips, batting tips and others.

Table tennis training videos: Pingskills is great youtube channel where an Australian Olympian and a coach train Table tennis with videos. They have uploaded 40 videos about serving, smashing the ball, choosing the bat, proper way to grip the paddle, providing topspin to ball and so on.

Football (soccer) training videos: ziomeknb has uploaded more than 50 football training videos. Learn to swing the ball, juggle it, head it and find different tips to play football.

Chess training videos : You can find a lot of playlists, videos and channels on training yourself chess. thechesswebsite is what I liked which includes more than 60 videos showing different chess tactics on opining moves, finishing moves as well as basic and mastering techniques.

Tennis training videos : txchou has more than 200 videos of different tennis stars playing the game. It has shown Federer, Nadal and other smashing different shots and ways of learning them. another channel with more than 300 videos providing professional tennis coaching.

Golf training videos: Clemshaw is a golf coaching channel with more than 300 videos. They are professional training videos for learning golf.


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