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Monday, November 2, 2009

India - Pakistan friendship with facebook

Peace on facebookFacebook has started the peace page - peace on facebook to promote world peace. It shows the new friend requests between the people known for hatred against each other. You may find thousands of new friendship between people of countries like India and Pakistan or Isreal and Palestine or Albania and Serbia in last 24 hours. It too shows friendship between people of different religions or political ideology.

It is a part of world peace affiliated to the Stanford University's "Peace Dot" Campaign. Other several sites are too creating peace.theirdomain pages in support for this campaign. You may find more here.

Talking about Facebook's page, apart showing the no. of new friendship between people known for hatred, it also features charts and graphs on world peace. Along with this, thousands of people are asked whether World peace is possible in next 50 years.

Its definitely promoting the friendship between the people of different religions and countries. Thanks to Facebook.


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